World Table admin guide



This guide will walk you through general use of World Table’s commenting system and explain some features and tools for Admins. If you need additional help or have found a bug, please submit a ticket through our Support Center.



quick links for Admins


Where are my Site Settings?

site-settings-2In your Profile you will see a tab on the left called “Sites”. Once you click it you should see your Site with a blue “show detail” button. This section shows blocked users, admins, authors, and thresholds set on your site.


Setting your Thresholds

thresholds-2We’ve created some powerful admin tools that in combination with World Table’s scoring algorithms, give you the unprecedented ability to let your community moderate itself. You set the thresholds for comment and user scores and the community does the rest. Comments are hidden in the thread when they fall below the flagging threshold score you set. And when a user’s World Table score (reputation) falls below the threshold you set, that user is no longer able to participate on your site. Problem solved.


Blocking & Unblocking Users

block-userAs an admin of a blog, you can block users by finding a comment they made and clicking the block icon, which is a circle with a line through it. Simply click the icon again to unblock them.

You can also unblock users you’ve blocked in the “Sites” area of your profile. After clicking “show detail” you can scroll down to “Blocked Users”. You should see the user you’ve blocked there, and can unblock them by clicking “unblock user.”


Deleting a Comment

delete-comAs a blog admin you can delete anyone’s comment on your blog. Simply find the comment you wish to delete, and trashcan icon. This cannot be undone, and please note that all of the comments and ratings nested beneath it will disappear.


Adding Authors & Admins

add-admin-2-crop-optAuthors can write and publish posts on your site. Admins can do everything Authors can, including deleting comments, blocking users, and setting thresholds for the site.

To add an Author or Admin, go to the “Sites” section of your account. Under “show details” you’ll see a list of Authors and admins. Click “add” next to “Authors” or “Admins” and you will see a popup to search for users. Click “add” next to “Authors” or “Admins” and you will see a popup to search for users.

Search for a user by their name, email, or account ID if you know it. Once you’ve found the user you’d like to add, click the blue “select” button. If you’re adding an Author, it will ask for the user’s Author ID. For WordPress sites, this will be the username used to login to WordPress. Once you’ve entered their Author ID, click the orange “add” button and you’re done!