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Let the community promote those who actually THINK before they WRITE!

  • Increase time spent on your site
  • Build safety around your community’s standards
  • Organically foster more participation
  • Encourage a wider diversity of opinions

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Why you should switch comment systems now:

28% of online commenters admit to being trolls.

As a writer your credibility takes a major hit when your comment section is filled with negative posts.

Allowing trolls to have the same platform as you can have all kinds of negative effects – both personally and professionally.

In 2014 Popular Science turned off comments on their site because the bad comments were more influential than the science being presented in the articles.

Poor comment sections discourage participation.

Consider the following:

Writers tend to behave much better than their commenters.


Because comment systems today are utterly broken.

A lack of accountability creates a dysfunctional relationship between you and your audience.


And without CREDIBILITY people are much less likely to:

Your readers don’t know who to take seriously.

As your credibility sinks… so does everything else that matters:

8% More NEGATIVE impression of you and your brand.

Fortunately for you…

THE WORLD TABLE was designed to solve ALL of these problems.

It does this by introducing two new features that no other comment system has.

A public feedback system for behavior and an associated public score.

In this way anyone can rate the behavior of anyone else.

In other words:

You can say almost anything if you’re not a jerk about it.

THE WORLD TABLE helps you finally establish CREDIBILITY.

And not just your credibility

But the CREDIBILITY of EVERYONE and EVERYTHING on your site.

THINK about it.

All the BENEFITS that come with true credibility:

8% More POSITIVE impression of you and your brand.


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