We Value and Support Good Journalism.

As a registered public benefit corporation on our way to becoming the premiere engagement suite for publishers, editors, and journalists, World Table products and approaches will encourage the public to value, engage with, and pay for high quality journalism.

Guiding Principles:

  • Good journalism is worth paying for.
  • Supporting journalism is good business.
  • The future and stability of journalism require radical innovation now.
  • Everything we do as a business will strive to support and fund effective, responsible, and sustainable journalism.
    • Effective journalism requires an engaged community.
    • Responsible journalism provides a forum for civil discourse, public debate, and compromise.
    • Sustainable journalism incentivizes citizens to engage as creators, curators, and ultimately as customers.
  • Publishers have the right to protect their brand for their own sake and for the public good.
  • Curation of both content and community input is the right and responsibility of journalists.
  • We strive to abide by and publicly promote The Way of Openness.
  • These principles can evolve as we learn more.