See what fits your site.

  • World Table has two clients it serves:
    • 1 – Small to medium size rural and/or community papers.
    • 2 – Large metropolitan papers.
  • For the smaller papers we help them build their communities and the larger ones we help them manage their communities.
  • All of our products prove growth and better engagement (see case studies as examples)
  • No other system out there can do what ours does; not facebook, not disqus, nobody.
  • Our prices range from $1000 to $10,000 per month.
  • If your paper can’t afford that you simply let us make that money ourselves on your site serving our own ads and surveys.
  • $599 activation and setup fee can be waived if set up within 14 days of a signed contract.
  • You can still serve your own in-article surveys to grow your audience in the meantime (see our case study on the power of adding surveys to your articles).
  • To serve your own local ads or sponsored surveys in our spaces (inventory) requires a minimum of $1000/mo. (Prices go up depending on bandwidth and usage after that.)
  • For full moderation services we do everything from moderation to quality content promotion of your best commenters starting at $3000 /mo up to $10,000.
  • Local ad serving ($1000) and full moderation ($3000-$10,000) are two different services.
  • We analyze the last twelve months of your site’s traffic and charge according to the average.

Please contact us at for a quote.